There is a proverb that “HEALTH IS WEALTH”.But for our busy schedule we can not give proper time for ourselves.Everyone around us concerned about their bulging waistline.Thatswhy all of us search for a magical diet which will give us some fast result.The diet focuses on consuming a combination of complex carbohydrates,low calorie vegetables,fruits and increasing water intake to achieve a weight loss.But there are thousands of diet plan available out there.How do we know which is best for us ?

For a proper diet,you can not miss your lunch.There are no restricitons on when you can eat.In your lunch,you can eat fiber rich food which are also low in fat.There are several varieties of lunch which gives you a proper diet and helps you to lose weight up to 20 kgs.Eat all these type of salads in your lunch and see the result.


1.Boil three eggs for 7 minutes in a medium flame.After the eggs are boiled,          cut the eggs into small pieces.                                                                                       2.Slice one cucumber and tamato into small pieces.Add the sliced cucumber        and tamato on the eggs.Mix the three ingridients.                                                   3.Take a container and add some spinach on the container.Then add the               sliced egg,cucumber,tamato on it.                                                                              4.Then add some blackpepper for a better taste.Next add one tea spoon of            olive oil on it.This is an easy and quick recipy for a dietful lunch.


1.Take half cup of quinoa seeds in a pa.Add one full cup of water in it.Boil             them in a medium flame for 3 to 4 minutes.After boiling,put the boiled               quinoa in a food container.                                                                                            2.Add one fourth cup of boiled chickpeas and half sliced cucumber in it.Next       add half bowl of red bell pepper in it.                                                                        3.Then add one fourth slice of a red onion and next add one eighth bowl of            some parsley leaves in the mixture.Mix all the ingridients properly.                  4.Take another bowl.Add one table spoon of olive oil,to table spoon of lemon        juice,one table spoon of vinegar and one sliced clove garlic in the bowl.Mix        all the ingridients properly.                                                                                           5.Add the oil mixture in the quinoa mixture salad.Mix properly.Add some            salt and black pepper as per your taste.Then your quinoa salad is ready              and serve the salad for a healthy lunch.


1.Take a bowl and add one fourth cup of boiled chickpeas in it.Then add one        fourth of a sliced red onion.Next add half a sliced cucumber.                               2.Then add one fourth cup of sliced cherry tamatoes.Next add one fourth              cup of olives.Then add one table spoon of sliced parsley leaves.                         3.Next add half cup of sliced red bell pepper.Then add half can tuna.Next            add half cup of small sliced carrot.Mix all the ingridients.                                     4.Take another bowl.Add two table spoon of lemon juice,one table spoon of         olive oil and one table spoon of dijon mustard in it.Mix all the items.               5.Add the oil mixture with the chickpea and tuna mixture.For a better taste          add some salt and blackpepper.Then mix all of it.Your healthy salad is                ready for a proper dieting.

About SoubhagyaLaxmi panda

She is lecturer in profession in an Engineering College , She loves to write , as she knows she is a wanderer . She loves to travel and explore. reading books and news is her best hobby. She is basically from the town of temple ,bhubaneswar odisha .

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