Home Remedies To Treat Dryness Around Your Eyes

Your eyes are the first noticable thing for anyone.If the skin around your eyes becomes dry,then it looks you older than you are.It can also be annoying for everyone.I have posted an article about dark circles.There is another one to tend you self-conscious towards yourself and your beautiful eyes.Facial skin is more sensitive than the skin on the rest of the body.The skin under your eyes is much more sensitive.Dry skin under your eyes mostly seen in winter.It creates wrinkles,fine lines and other skin problems.With the little care,you can battle with the dryness of your skin and to get a bright skin.

The main reasons for the dryness around your eyes are

1.Enviornmental conditions like extreme weathers like hot or cold,sudden weather changes.

2.Using chemicals in the skin care products or cosmetics.

3.Excessive rubbing around your eyes.

4.Using bad quality of makeup brushes.

5.Dermatological conditions.

There are some home remedies which you can apply to eliminate the dryness under your eyes and prevent the current condition of your eyes.

first Process


1.Egg yolk


3.Milk powder


1.Take an egg yolk and add half tea spoon of honey and milk powder on it.         2.Combine all the ingridients until you get a smooth consistancy paste.               3.Apply the paste on your affected area and and let the paste becomes dry            naturally.                                                                                                                           4.Then rinse with lukewarm water and apply some moisturizer after your             face becomes dry.

Benifits of the paste

1.Egg yolk contains Vitamin A which helps to reduce the dryness around               your eyes.                                                                                                                          2.This pack provides a skin tightening effect.



1.Cold milk


1.Dip a clean cotton ball into the cold milk.First close your eyes and apply             the cotton over your eye.                                                                                                2.It gives you great comfort from dryness on your eye.                                            3.Normal eyes must blink after a certain interval of time.                                        4.Milk spreads the tear film around the eyes which in turn makes the surface of the eye really smooth and clear.

Benifits of cold milk

1.Milk is a brillilant beauty enhancer.                                                                           2.It contains Vitamin A,Calcium and other nutrients which are very useful for your eye and skin.





1.Take some piece of watermelon and blend it into the blender.                            2.You can easily consume two to three glasses of watermelon juice daily to            reduce the dryness in the eyes.

Benifits of watermelon

1.Our eyes need water.Watermelon has 90% of water in it.                                     2.It acts as a best lubricant for your eye and skin.

Tips and Precautions

1.Drink lots of water.Water balances the moisture on your skin.                            2.Avoid chemicals and fragrances facewash products.                                              3.Use a good moisturizer to hydrate around your eyes.                                            4.Do not rub your eyes too much.                                                                                  5.Use a good makeup remover to remove your makeup.                                          6.Try to sleep atleast for seven hours in a night.                                                        7.Eat green vegetables and fruits in your diet plan.






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