How You Can Lose 10 kg In a Month Without Going to the Gym

Most health professional recommend a prope diet and exercise combination to lose weight.The exercise includes jogging,swimming and other forms of cardio work at least for 90 minutes to lose your weight.But in our busy schedule,we have not that much of time.Losing 10 kg in a month is big achievement for anyone.Lose weight needs a strong motivation and a proper control in your eating habits.We have posted some articles about weight loss i.e. easy ways weight loss without Gym,A Diet Chart for two months,some lunch tips,some diet drinks etc.

This article is based on a low-calorie,highly nutritious diet plan include some fat burning exercise for 15 minutes in the morning.It helps you lose weight safely and permanently and makes you feel fit,healthy,slim and beautiful. Just strictly follow the diet plan and do 15 minutes exercise for 30 days.Then see the difference in your weight after 1 month.


Start your day with some water.It increases your metabolism power.

Morning Weight Loss Detox Drink

Detox drink flush away the excess sodium from your body.The drink boosts your metabolism power and burns the extra calories in your body.You need to follow the drink at 7.00 A.M. to 7.30 A.M.

Honey Detox Drink:-  Take one glass of lukewarm water and add half tea spoon of honey,one tea spoon of lemon juice on it.Drink this after brushing your teeth.

Ginger Detox Drink :- Take one spoon of ginger paste,one spoon of mint paste and one glass of lukewarm water.Mix them well.Drink this everyday to lose your weight.

Aloevera Detox Drink :- Take one glass of lukewarm water and one tea spoon of aloevera juice in it.Drink it in empty stomach for lose weight.


Breakfast is most important for weight loss.Don’t skip your breakfast while you are on a dieting.Eat some healthy breakfast for weight loss.

Veg Dalia :- Take a pan and switch on the flame.Add one table spoon of low fat oil and then add one cup of dalia in it.Roast it for few minutes.Then add some green peas,chopped carrot and cook for few minutes.Then add 2 and half cup of water.Leave for 10 to 12 minutes.After 10 minutes,switch off the flame.Consume 1 bowl of the cooked dalia as a healthy breakfast.

Oatmeal :- Oats are low in calories and high in fiber which helps to lose fat. Take half cup of oats,add half cup of hot low fat milk and then add a small tea spoon of honey for sweetness.Topped your oats with fruits like strawberries,grapes,chopped apple etc.

MORNING SNACKS (10.00 A.M. TO 11.00 A.M. )

Take one cup of green tea with 2 to 4 fat free biscuits.You can eat also one fruit i.e. apple,kiwi,orange etc.

LUNCH (1.00 p.m. to 2.00 p.m.)

Eat a healthy lunch to lose weight.

Roti,Green Vegetable Sabji,Brinzal Raita :- 

 1.Take 4 table spoon of oats,1 table spoon of sesame seeds,1 table spoon of           flaxseeds.Grind them well.Add 2 table spoon of wheat flour in it.Mix them         well.Make a roti of these powders.

2.Heat some oil in a pan and add some chopped garlic and green chilly.Then       add one cup of soaked bengal gram dal.Then add half tea spoon of                       turmeric powder,chilly powder,cumin powder.Fry them well.Then add              chopped 10 to 12 spring onions.Add salt as per your taste.Fry them for 10 to      12 minutes.You can also take fenugreek leaves,spinach leaves,bitter gourd        etc.The green sabji is ready with dal which gives you protein and fiber.


3. Take one brinzal.Roast it and make a fine paste of it.Add it into 250 gms            of yogurt.Consume one small bowl of this raita.

Brown Rice,Dal,Salad

Take half cup of brown rice,half cup of dal and add a small bowl of green salad for your healthy lunch.

EVENING SNACKS (5.00 P.M. TO 6.00 P.M.)

Eat some healthy snacks in the evening.Avoid the junk food and oily food as snacks in the evening.

Sprouts,Fruit,Green tea :- you can consume one small bowl of sprouts of any one of them that is bean sprout, chickpea sprout, moong dal sprout, pea sprout etc.

then add one fruit that is an apple , an orrange, 2-3 strawberry, one kiwi, one avocado etc. with  this take one cup of green tea.

Nuts:- you can consume some nuts like almonds,peanuts,pistachious,walnuts etc with some green tea to lose weight faster.

DINNER (8.00 P.M. TO 9.00 P.M.)

Avoid the chapatis and parathas for dinner.Eat some healthy dinner to lose your weight.

Dal,Vegetable Salad,Green tea

1.Take one full bowl of green moong dal.Boil the green moong dal for 5 to 10       minutes.In an another pan add some oil,chopped onion,garlic,tamato.Add       some carrot,beans to it.Fry them well.Finally add the boiled green moong          dal. Cook for another 5 minutes.                                                                                   2.Take one bowl of salad of onion,tamato,carrot,cucumber and spinach                 leaves,mint leaves,raddish etc.Add some lemon juice,black pepper,salt               for a better taste.With this take some green tea.

Follow the diet plan as mentioned to lose 10 kg weight in one month.







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