Dry Hair Care

Home Remedies To Get Rid From Dry scalp

Dry scalp and itching are two best friends which trouble human beings. Because of the dry scalp we feel itching sensation in our scalp.Dry scalp occurs when the scalp does not produce enough moisture.This dry scalp cause itching,flaking and irritation.The dry scalp also creates dandruff on your scalp.It also dries your hair.There are many things that cause dry skin can ... Read More »


Some people get embarrassed in public due to the scratch occurs in their head.There are so many advertisements we see on Tv to cure dandruff.But that does not work.Dandruff are the tiny flakes of dead skin on the scalp and usually cause some itching sensation.Mainly,it occurs due to the scalp imfection.Another cause for dandruff is Dermatisis which gives you an ... Read More »