Simple Ways To Dye Burgundy Hair Color At Home

Looking our best gives us so much confident.A new style and hair color are great ways to refresh your overall look. When we probably think about hair coloring,many more things appear in our mind.Some persons think that it is the waste of time,energy,money.Some people thinks that whether the hair color is unhealthy for your hair.Permanent hair dyes get inside of ... Read More »

Hair Care Tips For Curly Hair

Anyone who has curly hair,it is a very tough business to take care of it.Curly hair looks great and needs high maintenance.Curly hair needs more attention than straight hair.Curly hair means it is low in moisture and dehydrated in nature.It can easily affected by the humidity changes and gives you split ends and fizzy hair.So curly hair needs extra dose ... Read More »

Homemade Conditioners For Dry Hair

Conditioning your hair is necessary for your dry hair.Using a good conditioner is always a first priority for women.Without conditioning your hair,your hair looks dull,full of split ends and dry.All of these contributes to give you damaged and brittle hair.Conditioning your hair makes your hydrated and that makes your hair soft,controls fizz and gets rid of tangles. There are 2 ... Read More »

Yoga Exercises For Your Hair Growth

If dull and lifeless hair is staring at you,then its time ta take the proper care of your hair.Studies prove that,hair is the overall reflection of your health.Yoga works best for our bodies.Yoga can change your hair from rough,dry,thin to thick,shiny and voluminous hair.Yoga improves the digestion power in your body and reduces anxiety. Some yoga asanas are there to ... Read More »

How To Use Onion Juice For Your Hair

A person’s beauty describes his/her hair.Mostly for girls,they all need a voluminous,shining and thick hair.Growing hair is a big achievement for everyone.Growing your hair requires a lot of patience for everyone. But if your hair grows slowly,it is very painful.So for a fast hair growth,onion is the most stimulating ingredient. Using onion juice regularly,it boosts your hair and promotes regrow ... Read More »

Home Remedies To Get Rid From Dry scalp

Dry scalp and itching are two best friends which trouble human beings. Because of the dry scalp we feel itching sensation in our scalp.Dry scalp occurs when the scalp does not produce enough moisture.This dry scalp cause itching,flaking and irritation.The dry scalp also creates dandruff on your scalp.It also dries your hair.There are many things that cause dry skin can ... Read More »


Winter has gone and summer is on its way.Bring out some colourful dresses and some funky jewellery to hit the beach or pool.You get fun and color in your life in summer.Regular exposure to sum may cause many damages to your hair.It gives you limp hair and faded your hair color.It gives you split ends and hair fall.Your hair shows ... Read More »


Every girls dream about long and voluminous hair.But is not an easy task.We can do anything to grow our hair.Some of us are also moving towards the direction like saloon treatments,hair transplantation etc.But all the process may grow your hair,but not in a proper way.The treatments also damage your hair. In our hair care treatment all of us focus on ... Read More »


Having a good hair is not that easy.But dry and damaged hair makes your life more difficult.Your hair is your crowning glory because it enhances your look. Nobody wants brittle and damaged hair.When the shafts of your hair break, resulting split ends and shorten you hair strands,this is the efftct of your hair damage. The damaged hair looks dull in ... Read More »


Some people get embarrassed in public due to the scratch occurs in their head.There are so many advertisements we see on Tv to cure dandruff.But that does not work.Dandruff are the tiny flakes of dead skin on the scalp and usually cause some itching sensation.Mainly,it occurs due to the scalp imfection.Another cause for dandruff is Dermatisis which gives you an ... Read More »

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