Ammonia Free Hair Color In India

The 2018 trend continues with hair color for both men and women.Ammonia has always seemed an indistinguishably from permanent hair dye as graying from a middle age.Ammonia is put into the hair color for depositing the hair color in your hair cuticle.Most of the brands or name in the beauty business now prefer to produce the hair color without ammonia.Because the consumers demand more naturals,higher quality and non toxic products for their hair.

Why Ammonia Is Danger For Your Hair ?

Ammonia is one of the worst products found in the beauty industry.The effects of ammonia also irritates our nose, throat,respiratory system and eyes.Sometimes the higher concentration of ammonia can burn your skin.If the hair dyeing mask which you have applied contains ammonia then it can cause many damages to your hair.Those are

  1. It gives you dry,brittle and unhealthy hair.
  2. It dries your scalp which gives you dandruff.
  3. It can cause some allergic reactions.
  4. It includes hair loss and several scalp blisters.

Ammonia free hair dye are just like as sugar free foods.There are many more products in the market which are ammonia free hair dye and have no side effects for your hair.You can also color your hair naturally.This article will give you some tips about the ammonia free hair dye products which you can buy from the market in a good price.

1. L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss,Dark Brown 400

  • Buy this product from AMAZON.
  •  It gives you a natural looking color with glossy shine.
  • It gives you nourished and voluminous hair.

2. Optima Ammonia Free Hair Color Black 1

  • Buy this from AMAZON.
  • It is a ammonia free and PPD free product which also has some innovative formula for your scalp.
  • It has less allergy risk.
  • It covers your all hair and gives you some glossy shiny hair.

3. Revlon Top Speed Hair Color Man,Natural Black 70M

  • Buy this product from AMAZON.
  • It is a permanent hair color for men which colors your hair within 5 minutes.
  •  It gives you shiny and resilient hair.
  • It is a Ammonia free product, has threonine and hydrolyzed keratin and hence gentle on hair.
  • It covers your gray hair permanently.

4. L’Oreal DIA Ammonia Free Hair Color 4.20 Inidesent  Burgundy

  • Buy this product from AMAZON.
  • This Ammonia free hair color is not only odorless but Enhances Scalp Comfort but also Optimizes Hair protection
  •  This is a good product to color your hair.

5. Iba Halal Hair Color, Dark Coal

  • Buy this product from AMAZON.
  • It is a Ammonia free, sulfate free, paraben free, alcohol free product.
  • It is a henna based and conditions your hair.
  • It reduces hair damage and hair fall.
  • Gives you shiny and nourished hair.

6. Indus Valley 24 Herbs 100% Organic Dark Brown Hair Color

  • Buy this product from AMAZON.
  • It control Dandruff and increase hair growth.
  • It does not increase grey hairs, Regain the shiny luster of your hair that was lost due to PPD in your hair color.
  • This is an organic and safest hair color.

7. Schwarzkopf Essensity Permanent Color No. 5-5(Light Brown Gold)

  • Buy this product from AMAZON.
  • It is a oil based and free ammonia product.
  • By applying this,you’ll get a real color in addition to a natural intensity and pure softness.








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