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Best Long Lasting Perfumes For Women

Isn’t your perfume working for long hours?Is your underarms sweating so much?For this all you need is a long lasting & more effective perfume.So don’t worry.You are in the right place.This post talks about the long lasting perfumes which give you a pleasant fragrance for longer periods of time. We will give you a compiled list of long lasting perfumes ... Read More »

Best Hair Serums For Dry Hair In India In 2018

Weather conditions,pollution in the air,unhealthy life style makes your hair dry,fizzy,rough & dehydrated.This type of hair looks dull & lifeless.The dryness of your hair cause split ends,hair breakage & can damage your hair.These issues make it difficult for people to make different hair styles.To overcome from this type of hair,hair serums are an essential which can treat dry & damaged ... Read More »

Use Of Honey To Get Glowing Skin

Honey has remained an integral part of our lifestyle for centuries.Honey can be used for various purposes like cooking purpose,for treatment of various diseases and illness etc.Honey is a powerhouse of essential nutrients which are need for our body. Achievement of a glowing skin is just like an award for an actor.This is a very tough work for everyone.Some factors ... Read More »

Best Hair Conditioners Available In India 2018

Women love their tresses and do everything possible to keep them healthy and strong.Sometimes we even wondered that after taking care of so much,our hair seems to keep getting drier and duller.It happens because probably we are not conditioning it enough.Many people believe that they can skip on using a conditioner because it’s not an essential part of their hair care ... Read More »

Best Essential Oils For Acne Star

Acne is a biggest nightmare for every woman.Imagine this!You wake up in one beautiful morning & you find reddish bumps,pimples on your face.Yuck…..Acne mostly affects adults beauty.So please try to remove this from its starting stage.To remove the acne,essential oils are the most important products.Here is a compiled list of essential oils for you to remove your acne. In most ... Read More »

Lighten Your Dark Upper Lip Naturally

Dark upper lip can be very unsettling.Dark skin is not the problem at all.But some parts of the face being darker than the rest is an embarrassment for everyone.There are many cosmetics product available in the market to get out from the problem.But they offer you some temporary relaxation with many side effects.If you need to fix this permanently then ... Read More »

Benefits Of Watermelon For Your Skin,Health & Hair

What a timely post!Summer has already begun.This is the time to refresh down or cool down with some fruits like watermelon.This fruit needs no introduction.We remember it from our childhood.This fruit has many benefits for our health,skin,hair.Let’s read briefly how it works for our body. Watermelon is rich with many vital nutrients like potassium,Vitamin A,Vitamin C,Vitamin B.It has a special ... Read More »

Best Hair Oils For Hair Growth In India

Now a days hair is extremely affected by external factors like pollution,dust,stress and unhealthy eating habits.To get a healthy,soft,shiny,lustrous hair you need proper care & maintenance.For that reason oiling your hair is necessary. Regular oiling your hair improves the texture & condition your hair. Benefits Of Regular Oiling 1. You Get Smooth Hair First apply the oil in your scalp ... Read More »

Best Shampoos For Dry & Damaged Hair

The dry and brittle hair tends to get roughness, splits, dandruff, and breakage to your hair.These are the common symptoms for dry hair.Dealing with them is necessary to get a healthy hair.There are many shampoos available in India to deal with dry hair.This article will give you the idea about the shampoos which are best for your dry hair. The ... Read More »

White Spot On Skin Reason & Cure

We get disturbed when we see a small pimple on our face.Having white spots on your skin is more serious and it needs immediate action.Although this condition is not a life threatening case but it creates some mental stress for anyone.This spot gives you an embarrassment for going out.So this is an article which gives you many more ideas about ... Read More »

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