Weight Loss

How You Can Lose 10 kg In a Month Without Going to the Gym

Most health professional recommend a prope diet and exercise combination to lose weight.The exercise includes jogging,swimming and other forms of cardio work at least for 90 minutes to lose your weight.But in our busy schedule,we have not that much of time.Losing 10 kg in a month is big achievement for anyone.Lose weight needs a strong motivation and a proper control ... Read More »

20 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Without Going To The Gym

We all have a hectic schedule in our day.We can not give proper time for ourselves to look a fit person.Also we do not have that much of enough time to go to the Gym and listen to an instructor.Everyone thinks that the only way to get rid from weight is to ”Eat less”.But eating less may reduces the metabolism ... Read More »

Which Diet Will Lose More Fat Within Two Months ?

It is the most difficult task to get rid from fats.Mostly the Indian foods can lead to gain of fat if not eat in moderation.Using too much of oil,butter,sugar, excess cooking of food and eating too much are the reasons of fat gain in your body.The fat gain leads to heart attack,diabetics and poor mental health.Fat forms in your body ... Read More »


Sometimes we want to look slim even in black jeans.We want to get rid from the extra fat in our body to look healthy.But it is not possible because of our diet like “CHATORI JAWAN “.We can eat anything which looks good or tastes good.But that junk food increases fat in our body and keeps us unhealthy. Mostly the working ... Read More »

Magical Diet Drink for lose Belly fat without any exercise

Now a days lose belly fat is a big task.Belly fat is a common problem where the mid portion comes bulging out.Thats why we can not wear skirts or dresses because of the belly portion is too evident.So take some necessary steps to reduce the fat accumulation in your tummy. Mostly the fat accumulates in your belly due to Hormonal ... Read More »

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