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Use Of Rose Water For The Treatment Of Acne

Rose water is an ingredient which has found a place in every Indian household.Rose water is undoubtedly a good magic portion of your beauty.It is one of the ingredient which suits every skin type i.e. oily,dry,combination.It helps to balance your skin’s pH levels,to calming irritation and removing makeup,removes oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores etc.It has also some benefits which helps ... Read More »

Best Foundations Available In India For Dry Skin

Have you a dry dull skin?When it comes to selecting the best foundation for dry skin, it’s important to look for a product that provides some  decent coverage as well as a hit of hydration.Don’t be frustrate with your dry skin.To overcome from this,apply foundation in your cheek which covered your dry patches, and after all that effort, your “dewy ... Read More »

Homemade Night Cream For Clear & Glowing Skin

A good night cream moisturizes, repairs, and tightens the skin.Buying a good quality night cream is like a nightmare for everyone.There are many types of night creams for different types of skin.It is difficult to find a single night cream that offers complete nurturing to your skin.Some creams give skin glowing benefits, some creams decreases the ageing effect,other cure dark ... Read More »

Best Skin Care Face Serums Available In India

Face serum?? Do you have any idea about it ? Suddenly these face serums are available from medicine stores to cosmetic stores, malls and e-commerce sites. Every brand has started making their version of serum. Are you the person who knows nothing about it? Or, have you already been started using it?Or, Have you still confusing about which product you ... Read More »

Homemade Face Serum To Get A Glowing Skin

How many of you spend hundreds in a month on purchasing expensive creams and serums for your face?Those are very costly if i am not wrong.Also those products have some side effects which we can not afford.So in this article you will get some homemade recipe for facial serum which you need.If you apply these facial serum i promise your skin ... Read More »

Use Of Honey To Get Glowing Skin

Honey has remained an integral part of our lifestyle for centuries.Honey can be used for various purposes like cooking purpose,for treatment of various diseases and illness etc.Honey is a powerhouse of essential nutrients which are need for our body. Achievement of a glowing skin is just like an award for an actor.This is a very tough work for everyone.Some factors ... Read More »

Best Essential Oils For Acne Star

Acne is a biggest nightmare for every woman.Imagine this!You wake up in one beautiful morning & you find reddish bumps,pimples on your face.Yuck…..Acne mostly affects adults beauty.So please try to remove this from its starting stage.To remove the acne,essential oils are the most important products.Here is a compiled list of essential oils for you to remove your acne. In most ... Read More »

White Spot On Skin Reason & Cure

We get disturbed when we see a small pimple on our face.Having white spots on your skin is more serious and it needs immediate action.Although this condition is not a life threatening case but it creates some mental stress for anyone.This spot gives you an embarrassment for going out.So this is an article which gives you many more ideas about ... Read More »

Home Remedies For White Skin

Everybody wants a white skin.There are many fairness creams available in the market which are ready made and gives you a glow and white skin.The harsh chemicals present in the fairness creams may damage your skin. Thats why the safest way to get a white skin is apply some home remedies with some kitchen ingredients.Also it has no side effects ... Read More »

Egg White Benefits For Skin

Eggs are not just for our body,they also gives you a perfect skin that you long for.All we know that egg has two parts. The yellow part is called as egg yolk and the other white part is named as albumin.Mostly egg is known for a healthy breakfast which helps you to lose weight.But it is an excellent remedy for ... Read More »

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