Hair Care Tips For Curly Hair

Anyone who has curly hair,it is a very tough business to take care of it.Curly hair looks great and needs high maintenance.Curly hair needs more attention than straight hair.Curly hair means it is low in moisture and dehydrated in nature.It can easily affected by the humidity changes and gives you split ends and fizzy hair.So curly hair needs extra dose of love,care and attention.This article will give you some information of taking care of your natural curly hair.


There are many more products available to take care of your hair.Some natural remedies are also there for hair treatment like hair growth,cure dandruff,conditioners for your hair etc.This article gives you the process of taking care of your curly hair naturally.

(1) Hot Oil Massage

Massaging of your hair with oil gives you a deep condition to your hair,makes your hair smooth and repair the damages.Take some olive oil/coconut oil/ almond oil/tea tree oil etc.Keep the oils in a microwave or in hot water for few seconds and then massage your hair with it.

(2) Hair Mask

Though we do an oiling,washing and conditioning our curly hair regularly but it needs a hair mask once in a week.The hair mask repairs your damaged hair and maintains your curl properly.The hair mask needs three ingredients i.e.

  • One table spoon of yogurt
  • One egg
  • Half banana

(A) Mix all the ingredients. Apply it on your hair.Leave for 30 minutes.Then wash your hair with a mild shampoo and rinse off with normal water.

(3) Rinse With Natural Ingredients

To fight with your curliness of your hair , rinse your hair with some natural ingredients. Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar or lavender oil after shampooing your hair.Leave for few minutes.Then again rinse with normal water.It maintains your curly hair.


To live the curly hair as usual, it needs some basic steps of washing your hair.

1.Avoid Washing Your Hair Daily

Sam pooing your hair everyday stretches your curly hair.It makes to lose the shape your hair and damages them.

2.Use a Mild Sam-poo and Deep Conditioning Your Hair

Use sulfate free shampoo for curly hair and avoid too much shampooing in your hair.Instead of the sulfate,silicon full shampoos use an organic or mild shampoo.

Curly hair also needs a deep conditioning.Conditioning your hair adds extra moisture to your hair and keeps them hydrated.It also nourishes your hair. Use some homemade conditioners or chemical free conditioners for this process.

3.Use Clean Towel and Avoid Hair Drier

Tight binding a towel gives you fizzy and rough hair.It breaks your hair and gives you split ends.So use a clean cotton towel after shampooing your hair and Don’t bind it tightly.

Applying hair drier on your curly hair stretches your hair and dries your hair. So avoid it and let your hair dry in air.


The persons who have curly hair need to know which products are suitable for your curly hair.There are some lists of those products.

1.Use a Wide Tooth Comb

Using a wide tooth comb is a best option for curly hair.It repairs the fizzy hair ans it is absolutely pain free.


2.Avoid Chemical Products

Avoid the serum,gel, too much conditioner for curly hair.Applying too much of this type of products curls down your hair.

3.Step Away the Heat Styling Tools

Avoid flat irons,curling irons and blow dryers.It can damage your hair and gives you split ends.It dehydrates your hair and destroys the curly shape of your hair.







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