Summer Face Packs For Sensitive Skin

Summer has to begin.It is notorious for every skin type.But the skin type which affects more during summer is sensitive skin.Sensitive skin refers to that type of skin which gets easily irritated by various factors.Different type of skin care products affect it very much.There are some natural face packs which gives you better result for sensitive skin in summer. There ... Read More »

Yoga Exercises For Your Hair Growth

If dull and lifeless hair is staring at you,then its time ta take the proper care of your hair.Studies prove that,hair is the overall reflection of your health.Yoga works best for our bodies.Yoga can change your hair from rough,dry,thin to thick,shiny and voluminous hair.Yoga improves the digestion power in your body and reduces anxiety. Some yoga asanas are there to ... Read More »

How To Use Onion Juice For Your Hair

A person’s beauty describes his/her hair.Mostly for girls,they all need a voluminous,shining and thick hair.Growing hair is a big achievement for everyone.Growing your hair requires a lot of patience for everyone. But if your hair grows slowly,it is very painful.So for a fast hair growth,onion is the most stimulating ingredient. Using onion juice regularly,it boosts your hair and promotes regrow ... Read More »

Benifits Of Olive oil For Skin,Hair,Health

Olive oil is popularly known as “liquid gold”.Olive oil is extracted from the olive fruit.Olive oil rules over our kitchen also in the cosmetic product.This oil is used in cosmetics,medicine,cooking,soaps etc.Olive oil is not just a kitchen ingredient,it also improves your skin health.There are many more benefits of olive oil.Some of those are weight loss,blood sugar,blood pressure,cholesterol, cancer etc. There ... Read More »

Papaya Face Packs For Glowing Skin

Papaya is used to get a glow,fair and smooth skin.Papaya is also called as an angel fruit which we can get in any season.They are used in any forms like ripe,unripe and dried.It is an awesome nutritive food and rich with vitamins, minerals,nutrients that keeps your skin healthy and beautiful.Papaya is a very good ingredient to do facial for dry ... Read More »

Home Remedies To Treat Dryness Around Your Eyes

Your eyes are the first noticable thing for anyone.If the skin around your eyes becomes dry,then it looks you older than you are.It can also be annoying for everyone.I have posted an article about dark circles.There is another one to tend you self-conscious towards yourself and your beautiful eyes.Facial skin is more sensitive than the skin on the rest of ... Read More »

Home Remedies To Get Rid From Dry scalp

Dry scalp and itching are two best friends which trouble human beings. Because of the dry scalp we feel itching sensation in our scalp.Dry scalp occurs when the scalp does not produce enough moisture.This dry scalp cause itching,flaking and irritation.The dry scalp also creates dandruff on your scalp.It also dries your hair.There are many things that cause dry skin can ... Read More »


There is a proverb that “HEALTH IS WEALTH”.But for our busy schedule we can not give proper time for ourselves.Everyone around us concerned about their bulging waistline.Thatswhy all of us search for a magical diet which will give us some fast result.The diet focuses on consuming a combination of complex carbohydrates,low calorie vegetables,fruits and increasing water intake to achieve a ... Read More »


Comfortable with your skin is a beautiful thing.But the comfort does not stay forever.Skin pigmentation can damage your beauty.It can break your self confidence and self esteem.A lot of women try to cover up the skin tone by using makeup,color correctors,a lot of BB cream and foundation etc.But these type of treatments can harm your skin more.While the science can ... Read More »


A clean face wearing some scars is not a pride thing for everyone.While the scars might die down,but the marks can remain.Using make up and foundation to your skin can also damage your skin.Scars are the result of your body’s natural healing process after your body tissue has been damaged.It damages the deeper layer of your skin and changes your ... Read More »

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