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Homemade Conditioners For Dry Hair

Conditioning your hair is necessary for your dry hair.Using a good conditioner is always a first priority for women.Without conditioning your hair,your hair looks dull,full of split ends and dry.All of these contributes to give you damaged and brittle hair.Conditioning your hair makes your hydrated and that makes your hair soft,controls fizz and gets rid of tangles. There are 2 ... Read More »

Summer Face Packs For Sensitive Skin

Summer has to begin.It is notorious for every skin type.But the skin type which affects more during summer is sensitive skin.Sensitive skin refers to that type of skin which gets easily irritated by various factors.Different type of skin care products affect it very much.There are some natural face packs which gives you better result for sensitive skin in summer. There ... Read More »

How To Use Onion Juice For Your Hair

A person’s beauty describes his/her hair.Mostly for girls,they all need a voluminous,shining and thick hair.Growing hair is a big achievement for everyone.Growing your hair requires a lot of patience for everyone. But if your hair grows slowly,it is very painful.So for a fast hair growth,onion is the most stimulating ingredient. Using onion juice regularly,it boosts your hair and promotes regrow ... Read More »

Benifits Of Olive oil For Skin,Hair,Health

Olive oil is popularly known as “liquid gold”.Olive oil is extracted from the olive fruit.Olive oil rules over our kitchen also in the cosmetic product.This oil is used in cosmetics,medicine,cooking,soaps etc.Olive oil is not just a kitchen ingredient,it also improves your skin health.There are many more benefits of olive oil.Some of those are weight loss,blood sugar,blood pressure,cholesterol, cancer etc. There ... Read More »

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